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 In todays crazy world, many search for ways to stay alive. Literally. Many are dying from the stress of trying to survive in these hard times.

What is JIN SHIN JYUTSU? It is not a form of self defense as Karate, or Judo.

IT IS: An alternative body energy treatment which has been passed down through the ages. Ancient healers teach us that there are pathways along the body which can become burdened by our life styles and disease. By placing a hand or fingetip on various points, a Jin Shin Practitioner acts like jumper cables for restoring the body's natural balance.

I was introduced to Jin Shin Jyutsu by my mother and my Aunt. and subsequently Mary Burmeister- I had the wonderful experience of treatment by a true master of JSJ. Mary Burmeister is the Founder of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Inc. based in Scottsdale, Arizonia. , . 

Due to serious health issues, my aunt was advised to move from New England to a warmer climate. She was also told she would probably on last 8 - 10 years.

She took the advise, packed up her family and moved to Arizonia sometime around the 1960's.

That is when she had the good fortune to meet Mary Burmeister. She became Mary's

housekeeper and friend.

After my aunt received a Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment from Mary, she would feel energized, have better mobility and less pain and discomfort. Her doctors recognized the improvements and would allow Mary to visit and administer JSJ to my aunt on her many occassions at the hospital. In those days body energy work was not main stream therapy or oft accepted.

My mother introduced me to JSJ after her visit to Arizonia. She never had any formal training in the art but we would exchange treatments to each other with knowledge Mary did impart to her.

In 1990, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. "What the Heck is That" everyone would comment, including myself. I read and researched and tried different medications with no relief.

So off we went, mom and I, to Arizonia.

For the next month, my Aunt, my Mom and I would load into the car, drive to Scottsdale to each receive treatments. For the first time since I started with Fibromyalgia, I began to feel there was hope for me.

Since then I have become a certified Jin Shin Practitioner.

I have completed 6 one week intensives.

I encourage everyone to try this at least one time. And decide for yourself.

For more information visit, or contact me at Life-Styles Salon.